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Strangelove's Beer Bar
A Celebration of Wellbody Alliance's Achievements with Sierra Leonean humanitarian physician Dr. Bailor Barrie
Thu, November 07, 2013 at 7:00PM (Eastern)
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Hosted by Wellbody Alliance
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Join Wellbody Alliance's Sierra Leonean co-founder Dr. Mohamed Bailor Barrie for a night of celebrating Wellbody Alliance's achievements in Sierra Leone and partnership with the Emergency Department at Thomas Jefferson University.
Dr. Barrie will be receiving the 2013 Grace Humanitarian Award on November 7, and we will celebrate at Strangelove's Beer Bar with drinks, conversation, stories and support of Wellbody's lifesaving work in rural Sierra Leone.
Recommended donation - $20: includes one beer or cocktail at the bar.

About Dr. Barrie

Dr. Mohamed Bailor Barrie is one of only five physicians serving the 450,000 people of Kono District, the epicenter of Sierra Leone’s recent conflict and the most underserved region of country. The son of a village tailor, Bailor grew up in unimaginable poverty and hunger. Inspired by his neighbor, a hardworking and dedicated nurse, he defied all odds to achieve the second highest score in the country on his high school completion examination—granting him a full scholarship to attend medical school in Freetown during the war. Each day he walked 14 miles to and from class. Unable to afford medical textbooks, he hand- copied his classmates’ books by candlelight. During the war he lost his father to a preventable disease and his mother was kidnapped by rebel forces, presumed dead for years. When violence came to Freetown, Bailor was forced to escape by dugout canoe under the cover of darkness to a refugee camp in neighboring Guinea.

While almost all of Bailor’s medical school colleagues fled abroad to better lives and better opportunities, he was the only graduate who chose to serve his country and people. As the co- founder and Executive Director of Wellbody Alliance, Bailor has sacrificed everything for his commitment to social justice and wellbeing in what the UN has called “the least livable country in the world.” In a context of extremely limited health and social services and with the scarcest of resources, Bailor dedicates each day to the seemingly insurmountable challenge of bringing essential healthcare to Sierra Leone’s poorest people.

About Wellbody Alliance:

We believe that every life matters. That is why we strive to deliver the best care possible to our patients, both in the clinic and in the community. Our mission is not simply to provide medical services to the poor, but to build an effective healthcare system in the region that will save lives in a sustainable, equitable and just manner.

We have a vision that drives all of our programs: the poor and all in Sierra Leone deserve the best healthcare possible, and Wellbody Alliance is dedicated to delivering it. We will work towards this vision until the day that no Sierra Leonean dies a death that would not happen in America or Europe.

We have a mission that aligns our work: to provide healthcare as a human right to the poor in Sierra Leone. We do this through our community health work and high quality clinical care in Kono District.

Found in 2006, Wellbody Alliance has grown into one of the major healthcare providers in Sierra Leone. Serving over 30,000 patients a year from the Wellbody Clinic and our partner public clinics, Wellbody Alliance is building an effective healthcare system in one of the poorest and most war-torn regions of Africa. Read more at

Huge thanks to Strangelove's Beer Bar for supporting this event!
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